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Last Will and Testament

We provide online Last Will and Testament drafting services to people throughout Engalnd and Wales. Deciding to plan for the future by creating a last will and testament is an important step, but how do you know which of the many last will and testament templates that are available will suit you. Clearly there are pros and cons to using a last will and testament template and you will be pleased to know we offer a bespoke online will writing service that will prepare a fully customised Last Will and Testament for you, ready for you to download and print.

Most people who want to create a will have relatively straightforward estates. The typical person who makes a will has a home, a car, a bank account, some investments, and some personal property, such as furniture and electronic equipment, that has some value. If you do not complete a will, then some of those assets may be distributed according to intestacy law (the law that governs what happens to property that isn’t protected by a will), so it makes sense to take a few minutes to create a will to clarify your wishes, and to ensure your possessions don't go to the State.

The smaller your estate, the more sense it makes to use a last will and testament template. A customised will template allows you to choose an executor who will manage your estate, as well as choose guardians if you have any children under the age of eighteen; and crucially alloes you to choose how you wish your estate to be distributed. Writing a will allows you to cover those important issues that need to be addressed to provide complete peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

In most situations, writing your last will and testament online is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure your wishes are known and carried out. Writing a last will does not have to be complicated. Remember that a last will and testament is simply a written way for you to state your desires for what happens to your estate after your death, to avoid any confusion. Our online will writing service asks you a series of questions about your situation and wishes, and all you have to do is answer the questions with your answers being used to create your personalised last will and testament.

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